Produk dan Premi

Kami memiliki Paket Produk Asuransi dari Perusahaan Asuransi kelas utama dengan kondisi sbb  :
  1. Jenis Asuransi : Asuransi Angkutan Barang
    • Ekspor - Import
    • Angkutan Darat dan Antar Pulau (Domestik)
  2. Jenis Barang yang bisa diasuransikan :
    • Any kinds of general cargo containerized or non containerized, including but not limited to Brand New (85%) Machinery & 2nd Hand Machinery (computerized and non computerized), Heavy Equipment, Vehicle, Spare-parts and tools, Computers and Electronics, Medical Equipment, Furniture, Plastics, Aircraft, Aircraft Engine, Flight Simulator, Extract Food Supplement (i.e. Cinnamon Extract/cinnulin Extract), and/or any other materials as specified in the declaration.
  3. Rute Perjalanan :  
    • EXPORT – IMPORT : From All Over Indonesia to All Over the World and Vice Versa, Including Special Voyage from original Country to Final destination anywhere in the world without transit in Indonesia subject to there is related party in Indonesia has the insurable Interest with the Cargo.  
    • LAND TRANSIT AND INTER ISLAND : From any where place in Indonesia to all over Indonesia (Vice-Versa)
    • All Export, Import, Land Transit and Inter-Island Voyage is covering from   warehouse to warehouse including Temporary Storage (during ordinary course of transit) Loading unloading and/or transit and transshipment by any kind of vessel and connecting land conveyance.
  4. Alat Angkut disyaratkan :
    • All Vessels not more than 25 years of age as per Institute Classification Clause   1/1/01 amended to include B.K.I with (min 500 GRT)
    • Vessel 25 years of age ABOVE up to 30 years of age : 10% loading rate
    • Any kind of truck/trailer/vehicle of land conveyance 
    • Aircraft subject to schedule and regular aircraft 
  5. Total Maksimal Nilai Barang yang diangkut : sampai dengan USD. 2,000,000.00
  6. Tarif :
    • Tarif Suku Premi / Rate Premi beragam bergantung kepada :
      • Jenis Barang yang diangkut
      • Jenis Alat Angkut yang digunakan
      • Rute Pengiriman
    • Metode Perhitungan Premi :
    • Total Nilai Barang yang diangkut sesuai dengan Invoice X Tariff Suku Premi
    • Diperkenankan untuk meningkatkan Nilai Pertanggungan sampai dengan 110% dari Invoice
    • Resiko Sendiri :
    • Alat Berat dan Perangkat Aviasi : 0.5% dari Nilai pertanggungan minimal USD. 500.00
    • General Cargo lainnya : 10% dari klaim minimal USD. 100.00
  7. Kondisi Klausula yang diperkenankan :
    • 1.  All Risks as per Institute Cargo clause “A” – 1/1/82 (Amended to 60 Days Duration Clause)
      2.    All Risks as per Institute Cargo clause “A” (Air) – 1/1/82 (Amended to 60 Days Duration Clause)
      3.    Cancellation Clause (30 Days)
      4.    Concealed Damage (15 days)
      5.    Duty Clause (applying when duty is separately insured under this policy) Max. 10%
      6.    Electronic Date Recognition Clause
      7.    Including Hijacking, Robbery and Piracy Risks
      8.    Including Loading & Unloading
      9.    Including Transshipment
      10. Institute Classification clause – 1/1/01 amended to include to BKI Class (not more than 30 years old, min. 500 GRT for Inter Island)
      11. Institute Malicious Damage clause 1/8/82
      12.       Institute Radioactive Contamination, Chemical, Biological, Bio-Chemical and Electromagnetic Weapons Exclusion Clause. 10/11/03 (CL.370)
      13. Institute Cyber Attack Exclusion Clause 10/11/03 (CL.380)
      14. Institute Replacement Clause (Brand New Goods)
      15. Institute Strikes clause (Cargo) –1/1/82
      16. Institute Theft, Pilferage & Non- Delivery 1/12/82
      17. Institute War clause (Cargo) –1/1/82
      18. Institute Replacement Clause (New HE and Machinery)
      19. IT Hazards Clarification Clause
      20. Nominated Loss Adjuster
      21. Pair & Set clause
      22. Road Risks Clause (Sub Limit USD. 50,000.00)
      23. Second-Hand Replacement Clause (for 2nd machinery)
      24. Temporary Storage 30 Days
      25. Waiver of subrogation whenever land-transit carrier is the insured
      26. War and Strikes notice of termination Clause
      27. Excluding Loss of or damage to the  subject  matter  due to Mechanical,  Electrical   &   Electronic  Derangement,  Rust,    oxidation, Discoloration, Scratching, Denting and  Bending unless caused by Insured Perils (for brand new goods)    and absolute (for second hand goods)

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